We found ourselves planted at River City Studios over Veteran’s Day Weekend recording our upcoming single, “That’s So Great.” It’s been such a fan favorite at our live shows that we decided to give it its own special release.

Recording at River City Studios has been nothing but rewarding, thanks to our producer Austin Ruhstorfer. Because of the fun, quality, and similar vision Austin shares with us, we will be continuing to record our upcoming full length album with him at River City. We’re so excited to get more Lipstick Jodi music that we love (and hopefully you do too) out into the world.

You probably know “That’s So Great” by its chorus: “She, likes, boys.” You might be even singing it in your head as you read this. Just know its a charming, catchy pop song that you will have stuck in your head for weeks to come. More importantly, in the wake of the recent election and the fear that is gripping the marginalized groups in our society, this song has some very blatant and relevant lyrics we want to ring out. We want to come together and openly celebrate our lives and not live in fear. We want “That’s So Great” to help eliminate the ignorant gap, and educate our listeners on how similar we all actually are.

Not only will “That’s So Great” be released as a single, we are also working on a music video to translate its message even further. We’re super excited to be teaming up with laFEMcollectif to bring this song to life. They instantly had a similar vision for how this song should be portrayed, so we knew it was a good matchup from the start. It should be fun, awkward, endearing, and relatable to almost everybody. This is the first Lipstick Jodi song we’ve wanted to make a music video for, and we’re really looking forward to showing you the final product.

In the mean time, check out some photos taken during the recording session, get ready for a download link near you, and stay tuned for more teasers.



Pictured: Austin Ruhstorfer


A collaboration of tracking photos!


Luke tracking drums (just kidding we just thought the mics without the drums looked funny).


Our latest craze: Bitmoji (if you haven’t made one, we highly recommend it).