It was a story you’ve seen in the movies. Karli Morehouse, a musician on her own, finally got sick of the sound of playing guitar all alone. She reached out to Luke Rockhold, a local drummer who she had played with in failed projects, for support. They got together for a creative practice, and the songs that she thought were dead came to life as the drums pounded on and the electric guitar replaced the acoustic. Not long after, Lipstick Jodi was born.

Lipstick Jodi now features a four piece indie alt pop band out of Grand Rapids, Michigan that includes Karli Morehouse on guitar/lead vocals, Luke Rockhold on drums/vocals, Camille Hoorn on bass, and Jamie Baarman on keys/vocals. Early in the band, our sound was tagged as “the lesbian love child of St. Vincent and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs.” We produce a unique, full sound with catchy melodies and lyrics that will get themselves and and can’t find their way out. We’ve been around since 2014, and we’ve got big plans in action for 2017.

We just wrapped up tracking our debut, self titled album. It’s produced by Austin Ruhstorfer at Grand Rapids’ own River City Studios. The album in its early stages has been described as “the familiar sound you love with a twist.” We’ve always been called “relatable,” and our upcoming release reflects this as well.

Early this year, we released our latest single “That’s so Great” (also known as “She Likes Boys”) also recorded at River City Studios. It’s one song that NEEDED a visual, and in March, we made our very first music video shot by laFEM collectif.

We’re very excited to bring everyone along on our musical journey, and we promise you won’t regret it.

“Our cover [June 2017] features Lipstick Jodi, Grand Rapids’ rising-star indie/alt/pop/punk/etc. quartet. The band’s newest single, “That’s so Great,” is unabashedly lesbian and downright infectious, throwing back to the candid lyrics and anthemic hooks of mid-2000s pop-punk.”

Revue Magazine

“If Garbage shared a taxi with the Yeah Yeah Yeahs on their way to a Bjork concert, they’d probably be quite happy listening to Lipstick Jodi.” 

John Sinkevics

Local Spins

“If Taylor Swift fans are looking for a way to get into Metallica, or vice versa, here’s your bridge!” 

J. Simpson

No More Division

In June 2016, We were named one of the top ten bands to see in Michigan in “The Music Issue” of the Revue. 

The Revue

“Pure, unadulterated rock ’n’ roll – the kind that calls for raised fists, and begs to be cranked at dangerously loud volumes through car stereos.”

Ricky Almos

Local Spins


Lipstick Jodi is an indie-alt-pop band from Grand Rapids, MI. Featuring the talent of Karli Morehouse, Luke Rockhold, Jamie Baarman, and Camille Hoorn